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Skip a Loan Payment

Everyone needs a break sometimes. We get it!

Skipping a loan payment can free up some cash for other unexpected expenses. Take a break from your loan and use the extra money the way YOU want to.
If this sounds like just the thing you need right now, check the qualifications below. Reduce your stress and skip your next eligible loan payment. Applying online is easy, and you'll receive a confirmation once your skip is completed.

Complete the secure online application with your personal and loan details. If your loan has two or more borrowers, select the joint borrower button as you'll need to provide both signatures.


Skip-a-Pay Eligibility

The following consumer loans may be eligible to skip a payment:

  • Auto loans
  • Unsecured personal loans

In order to qualify, your loan must: 

  • be established for at least six months
  • be in good standing (current)
  • not have any late payments in the past three months
  • have gone six months since a previous skipped payment

A $50 processing fee applies to each loan payment skipped. You will be able to pay this fee with your credit or debit card upon submitting your form below.


*Skip-a-pay extends the loan payment by one month. Interest will continue to accrue during the extension period, this will increase the total interest paid and this will extend the loan term past the original maturity date. The original terms of your Credit Insurance (if any) will remain the same. Loan must have been established for six months with three consecutive months of payments required prior to a Skip-a-Pay eligibility. If GAP coverage is on the vehicle loan, a Skip-a-Payment on the loan may affect the benefit amount. Please refer to your GAP Protection Agreement. All Skip-a-Pays are subject to approval. Other restrictions may apply.

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