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  • Craving Homeownership but Frightened of the Down Payment?

    You dream of owning a home, the upgraded space, a vegetable garden in the backyard. A daydream that seems out of reach when you start to think of the down payment… when in reality a down payment isn’t unreachable. Here are the steps to saving your down payment.
  • Should You Spend, Save or Invest Your Graduation Gift?

    When you graduate, you might end your academic journey with more than a diploma in hand — you could wind up with a generous cash gift, too. So what should you do with your graduation money?
  • How Much Should You Have for a Car Down Payment?

    “No money down!” These words are nearly impossible to ignore when you're shopping for a car. What could be sweeter than not making a down payment? Believe it or not, paying 20% upfront.
  • Saving for Retirement While Paying Down Debt

    When faced with two big financial priorities, such as paying off old debt and saving for retirement, many times people don't feel like they can do both. So here are a some steps to help you save while reducing what you owe.
  • 4 Money Rules to Live By

    Your priorities and the lifestyle you have in your 20s will be much different then what they will be in your 40s. Your money habits will change throughout the years too. Regardless of where you’re at in life, these money rules are what everyone should live by.
  • Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

    You’re excited! You just decided to buy your first place. So now you’re going through the process to see how much home you can afford. Your mortgage lender will likely talk to you about some extras like taxes and insurance while you’re getting pre-approved. Here are 5 more costs to consider before you purchase your first place.
  • How to Manage Your Finances After Graduating College

    That degree you earned might open the door to a higher salary — and carry a student loan burden — so it's important to know how to balance it all as you set the stage for the rest of your life.
  • Money Lessons for Children as they Grow

    Learning life lessons and skills help your child grow into a happy, healthy adult, and most of them are learned from you! An important skill that often gets overlooked until a child reaches their teenage years is personal finance. This doesn’t have to be a long conversation over the dinner table with your child leaving confused or worse - bored! You can teach them simple lessons early in life.
  • Best Ways to Use a Tax Refund

    Over the past few years, the average federal tax refund has come to about $3,000. That's not exactly chump change. With the filing deadline approaching, it's not too early to begin thinking about how you'll use a refund this year. Here are five pointers to keep in mind.
  • How to Save for Retirement

    It's never too early to start putting away money for your future. If you've ever wondered how to save for retirement when you're also dealing with day-to-day expenses, these easy tips can help.

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