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  • Predict Those ‘Surprise’ Bills — No Crystal Ball Needed

    It doesn’t take much to upend many Americans’ finances. Some bills may be unpredictable in their amount or their timing, but they’re still inevitable. In other words: If you have a car, or a home, or a body, sooner or later it’s going to cost you.
  • The Cost of Raising a Child From Cradle to Adulthood

    Raising a child takes patience, understanding — and about $245,340, based on the latest estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. If you're getting ready to have your first child, your life and your spending will change drastically. Here's a closer look at how the cost breaks down.
  • Craving Homeownership but Frightened of the Down Payment?

    You dream of owning a home, the upgraded space, a vegetable garden in the backyard. A daydream that seems out of reach when you start to think of the down payment… when in reality a down payment isn’t unreachable. Here are the steps to saving your down payment.
  • Managing a Loved One's Finances After Death

    Apart from the pain of a family member or close friend's passing, settling their financial matters can be time-consuming and difficult. These steps can ease the process of sorting through the deceased's finances.
  • Winter Blues, No More! Activities to Do With Your Kids

    With many sports and activities in the off season and pools closed, your little ones are spending most of their time indoors. They’re coming to you with complaints of being bored; the last thing you want is them parked on the couch watching TV all day.
  • 4 Money Rules to Live By

    Your priorities and the lifestyle you have in your 20s will be much different then what they will be in your 40s. Your money habits will change throughout the years too. Regardless of where you’re at in life, these money rules are what everyone should live by.
  • Surviving a Road Trip with Children

    With young kids, planning an eight hour car ride could seem like a rough beginning to a weekend trip. You’re already imagining your child screaming in the back seat “Are we there yet?” and the formation of a headache. That is, if you didn’t plan ahead to keep your children happy and chillin’ in the back seat!
  • Money Lessons for Children as they Grow

    Learning life lessons and skills help your child grow into a happy, healthy adult, and most of them are learned from you! An important skill that often gets overlooked until a child reaches their teenage years is personal finance. This doesn’t have to be a long conversation over the dinner table with your child leaving confused or worse - bored! You can teach them simple lessons early in life.
  • The Student Loan Process in 3 Steps: What You and Your Child Need to Know

    The rising prices of college tuition, the stress of student loan applications, and learning how to maximize on the capabilities of financial aid has become a commonly shared feeling of anxiety amongst parents and children. Read on for three simple steps to assist you with the student loan application process and help you and your child start off on the right foot.
  • Tax Tips to Help New Parents Save Money

    Congratulations, new mom or dad! Now take out the checkbook, because your bundle of joy comes with a bundle of new expenses. But all those day care costs and pediatrician bills can bring new tax deductions that can help you ride out the first years of parenthood without going broke.

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